About Us

About La Bamba

La Bamba Family Mexican Restaurant has been serving the neighborhoods and communities of Kent, Washington with their authentic Mexican delicacies since August 1998. The restaurant is managed by the Rangel family since its establishment.  The kitchen is led by Chef Alberto Rangel as he whips together his secret recipe that makes his dishes more authentic and unique to other Mexican restaurants.  La Bamba stands out to their customers for their family appeal, fast service, reasonable prices and it’s personalized Mexican Cuisine. La Bamba is one of the very few oldest restaurants in Kent today with a beautiful sunset (#nofilter) 

Owner | Executive Chef

Alberto Sanchez Rangel

 Alberto Rangel is native to Cuautla, Jalisco in Mexico.  He is the oldest of 10 siblings and he left his family and friends in Cuautla to pursue the “American Dream”. 
 Alberto started in San Francisco as a dish washer and moved up to a cook a few years later.  Then later in 1986, Alberto took the opportunity to be the Chef of the thriving Mayas Mexican Restaurant in South Seattle, Washington.  With over 14 years of working in the kitchen between the Bay Area and Seattle, he learned to manage the kitchen and compile his own recipes. 

On August 1998, Alberto and his wife, Guadalupe Soltero opened up their first restaurant, La Bamba in Kent, Washington.  Alberto and Guadalupe’s dream was to open up a restaurant that delivers their taste of real authentic Mexican dishes while preserving that family friendly appeal.  Alberto invites anyone to come try his food.  He assures you won’t be disappointed.   

The Rangel Family

Guadalupe Soltero:  Lupe is the 3rd oldest of twelve siblings.  Lupe started as a server at Mayas and stayed there until 1997.  When La Bamba opened up, she made it her focus to keep the restaurant maintained, operable and presentable.  Lupe has made it a priority to keep the décor of the restaurant up to date with every occasion

The Accountant:  Jessica is an accountant for a private IT Consulting Company in Seattle.  Even though her 9 to 5 job keeps her busy and challenged, Jessica enjoys her part time position at the restaurant.  “I love the fact that every day is a different customer with their own unique story.”  Outside of her busy work schedule, Jessica enjoys traveling, wine tastings, supporting the Seattle sports teams, doing outdoor recreations and being with family.

The Teacher:  Norma is a 3rd grade teacher with the Federal Way School district.  After her lesson plans, correcting papers, meetings and after school activities, Norma heads straight to the restaurant to attend her regulars and chat with new customers.  Norma enjoys dancing, watching movies and doing photo shoots for wedding magazines.  In her spare time, Norma focuses on “Rocko”, her Golden Retriever, going camping with friends and family.

The Programmer:  Michael is currently attending school in pursuit of completing his degree in Computer Science.  He splits his schedule by going to school and working at the restaurant.  Michael enjoys his Xbox 360, watching sporting events and Netflix a good movie. 

Extended Staff

Rocio - Lunch Server 5 years

Tony - Cook 2 years